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Question was like this “What is significant change between your parents’ generation and my generation?”. So, my response is below.

There have been significant changes between my parents’ generation and my generation. When my parents were the same age as I am now, many things were different. Especially technology, working style and life style have been changed.

To begin with, technologies have been changed a lot. Nowadays most people have cell phones so we can call our friends up whenever we want. But when my parents were my age, nobody had cell phones so there were only public phones which they could use outside. I have heard a story about my father. When my father invited my mother for dinner, sometimes my mother’s father picked up the phone and my father had to ask my grand father in order to talk to my mother. It was just a few decades ago. I think that mobile phones are one of the most significant changes between my parents and my generation.

Furthermore, as a result of developed technology, the working style between my parents and my generation has been changed. Can you imagine? My parents worked for only one company and their salary was high. Also they got enough retirement allowance by the time they retired. To make the long story short, my parents’ salary increased every year and they could buy cars and a house. On the other hand, people in my generation change jobs a lot and in most cases the salary is the same every year.

In addition, the community society has become a mobile society. I mean, when my parents were my age, communities or neighbors were very solid. Everybody knew each other well and they also helped each other. While, I do not know who lives in my apartment buildings. because many people move a lot.

In conclusion, I assume that the most significant change is technology then it changes our working and life style.

Thank you.

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