I am admitted to a college! アメリカの大学へ編入

I have applied for a 4-year college in New York as a transfer student last September. It was easy but little bit difficult for me because of my English skills.


I have applied for it on the website of college and paid $70 as a application fee and sent my high school and college transcripts and TOEFL score. That’s it.


Then I got an E-mail from the college. It said that I am admitted to the college from spring 2015.

Actually, My major was Business Administration so I have tried to enroll to MBA course 2 years ago but it seams impossible to me.


Because the MBA college requires more than 100 TOEFL score, 3.5 GPA and minimum 2 years experience for a company and also 3 recommendation letters from previous college and company… I gave up it. That’s why I switched my major and applied for 4 year college again.


To be continued…

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