Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year guys! I’m gonna write my blog in English and Japanese from 2015. I have been working for a Japanese restaurant during my vacation as a result I have’t studied English a lot around six month. I know that I still need to improve my English skills.

I have written some English blogs before.

A lot of my Japanese friends are working hard for a living but most of them just go to school without studying English then go to work over and over.

In addition, some of my friends keep this kind of life style more than 5 years. I think that it’s absolutely waste of time. One of my friends have been studying in only ESL schools for ten years! Actually, it’s possible in New York to keep our F-1 and I-20 VISA. But what have they learned? What have they done in New York? Why are they staying in New York?

My co-worker, who have been in New York for two years, got married with American. I think that even though she used to be a kind of  just VISA keeping person, she is winner now! Because she got green card! But don’t leave anything to luck. We have to achieve a goal by ourselves!

Thus I decided to keep blogging in English from 2015!



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